Operating model

Mteq conduct the Plan 4 Improvement (P4i) entirely at its
own cost as an investment in the client to determine financial
and operational headroom.

P4i is a trademark system providing definition and scope for the following areas:
Processes and Sub-Process
Management Effectiveness
Management Control Systems
Resource Utilisation
Communication and Review Mechanisms
Statistical Analysis
Management Behaviours

With the client's team we balance our respective resource requirements to:
Detail the potential and financial opportunities, provided by the 'P4i'.
Develop a detailed implementation plan, robust in terms of financial benefits,
   costs, timings and governance.
Provide milestones for accelerated financial and operational delivery.

In close partnership, the Project Team deliver the implementation plan:
Processes and management systems are re-designed and installed.
Essential behaviour changes are embedded at each stage.
Within weeks, clear operational and financial advantages are delivered.

The result is a bespoke client system, designed to perpetuate the financial delivery:
Mteq provides a post project support programme to ensure there is no slippage.
Behaviour changes and operational benefits remain soundly embedded.